Joint Convolutional Neural Field (JCNF) Model

Seungryong Kim1
Kihong Park2
Kwanghoon Sohn2
Stephen Lin3
Korea University1, Yonsei University2, MSRA3

[ECCV'16 paper]

Network architecture of the JCNF model. It consists of a depth prediction network, an intrinsic prediction network, and a gradient scale network. These networks are learned by minimizing a joint CRF loss function.

We present a method for jointly predicting a depth map and intrinsic images from single-image input. The two tasks are formulated in a synergistic manner through a joint conditional random field (CRF) that is solved using a novel convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture, called the joint convolutional neural field (JCNF) model. Tailored to our joint estimation problem, JCNF differs from previous CNNs in its sharing of convolutional activations and layers between networks for each task, its inference in the gradient domain where there exists greater correlation between depth and intrinsic images, and the incorporation of a gradient scale network that learns the confidence of estimated gradients in order to effectively balance them in the solution. This approach is shown to surpass state-of-the-art methods both on single-image depth estimation and on intrinsic image decomposition.